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Replacing Discourse and Slack with a single platform?

TL;DR: Are there tools/platforms that can replace both Discourse (forums for end users) and Slack (chat for developers) at once for a small open source organization? We're a small open source ...

small-communities web-forums communication chat-rooms  
asked by François Beaune 7 votes
answered by Jordan 6 votes

How can I word a user-licensing doc so a user cannot justify deleting all their posts, except 'creative' content?

I am on the verge of relaunching my fandom-centric forum that's been set to read-only since July. Since opening it the first time in 2006, I learned a lot about adminship and being a moderator too. ...

asked by Tarak'ha 9 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 10 votes

How to say "We miss you, please come back!" properly?

According to my forum statistics, I have a large number of users. In actuality, I have a fraction of those users that are active. I'd like to send a "We miss you, please come back" type message to ...

user-engagement promotion communication email  
asked by TheBlogOfDoom 57 votes
answered by tjati 47 votes

Formally promoted staff members, technically the same as before - is this a good idea?

I've been part of a gaming community since its very beginning, and I've seen many decisions in these years. The most recent decision is quite confusing to me because it seems irrational to me. Before ...

moderators site-administration  
asked by Zerotime 17 votes
answered by Andy 10 votes

How can I get people to join a site and not simply glance and pass it by?

A Stack Exchange site I participate on has been getting many questions in the Hot Network questions list recently, which has resulted in many questions getting lots of views. However, there comes a ...

site-growth stack-exchange participation  
asked by HDE 226868 15 votes
answered by gnat 16 votes

What is the difference between an admin, a community manager and a moderator?

I see words "admin", "community manager" and "moderator" on many different forums (like Reddit or Stack Overflow or Facebook). What is the difference between them?

asked by user698 6 votes
answered by Von Lion 8 votes

Is it productive to ask for more examples when someone is complaining about your moderation?

I have a user who complained about my moderation in broad terms, saying that "moderation on the site is heavy-handed" and "poison". They provided one specific instance as an example.. Other members ...

asked by Beofett 12 votes
answered by Monica Cellio 10 votes
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