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Effective methods to screen new membership requests for high-risk Facebook groups

First of all: all the answers may apply to the management of many different types of digital communities, especially those with limited user verification options or sensitive subject matter, but this ...

new-members security facebook  
user avatar asked by CodeCharming Score of 10
user avatar answered by AJ Henderson Score of 4

How to celebrate an online community's anniversary (games etc)

I am part of a moderator team of a small online community (180ish members, about 50 regularly active) that has formed on Discord (text/voice chat client) around a specific subject (MBTI* for those ...

user-engagement chat-rooms  
user avatar asked by 7thFox Score of 6
user avatar answered by Monica Cellio Score of 3

How can an online community measure its growth and development?

Is there a more effective way to measure how a community is growing and developing than just with simple metrics like: Total membership Number of new members per week or month Number and percentage ...

site-growth site-administration kpis  
user avatar asked by Greg Chase Score of 7
user avatar answered by Greg Chase Score of 8

How to handle moderation of users known personally?

I have several co-workers or friends who are active on a site that I moderate, they also know that I'm a moderator. I've come across a situation where one of these users has been participating in ...

user-behavior moderators  
user avatar asked by Taryn Score of 27

How to discern a case of illegal sockpuppetry from a group of people legally contributing from the same workplace?

Cases of (not too well concealed) sockpuppetry can often be characterized by different accounts using the same IP and more or less massively upvoting each other in shorter or longer periods of time. ...

user-behavior participation  
user avatar asked by just_curious Score of 15
user avatar answered by ChrisF Score of 17

How to deal with useless comments on popular posts?

On boards that try to stick to particular topics, posts may gather comments unrelated to the topic of the site. A recent question on SuperUser about Windows thinking a keyboard is a toaster suffered ...

user-behavior stack-exchange  
user avatar asked by user1306322 Score of 15

Best way to improve communication among residents of a homeowners association?

I'm interested in setting up an online forum or place of written discussion in order to improve communication within the homeowners association of which I am a member. I'm particularly interested in ...

small-communities communication  
user avatar asked by PentiumPro200 Score of 9
user avatar answered by Greg Chase Score of 5
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