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Is rolling back a rollback a good idea?

On a Stack Exchange recently, I made an edit, and someone immediately rolled it back. In my opinion, that rollback was invalid, so I re-rolled back to my edit. I was told that I'm violating an ...

conflict-resolution editing  
asked by dwjohnston Score of 9
answered by Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' Score of 12

How to retain new users on a Q&A site effectively?

On a Q&A site I co-moderate on the Stack Exchange network, sometimes we see a brand new user asking a good question, and another brand new user posting a good answer. I don't know where they're ...

new-members user-retention  
asked by gerrit Score of 18
answered by Glorfindel Score of 11

Why should trolls not be fed?

A common advice on dealing with malicious users is: Do not feed the troll! What does this mean, what is the rationale behind this, and are there any exceptions?

asked by Wrzlprmft Score of 27
answered by Kate Gregory Score of 12

I made an official statement in good faith that turned out to be wrong; should I apologize?

I have an official role moderating an online community that is open to the public. I exercise my best judgment in interpreting the rules, but: I don't make the rules, I only enforce them. I am only ...

rules-and-policies disciplinary-actions  
asked by Air Score of 21
answered by Jim Score of 13

How can one organise moving a large Q&A community?

Imagine a large healthy online Q&A community hosted on a platform developed and maintained by a commercial company. Suppose that the community is increasingly dissatisfied with the direction the ...

asked by gerrit Score of 13
answered by Marjorie Meunier Score of 1

Starting a community from scratch - how to create initial userbase?

I've seen this too many times. A new forum on some subject, with thirty or more sub-fora, great most of them with 0 posts, some with 2-3, one "welcome topic" running greetings from some 40 users the ...

participation site-growth user-retention promotion  
asked by SF. Score of 24

How can I word a user-licensing doc so a user cannot justify deleting all their posts, except 'creative' content?

I am on the verge of relaunching my fandom-centric forum that's been set to read-only since July. Since opening it the first time in 2006, I learned a lot about adminship and being a moderator too. ...

asked by Tarak'ha Score of 9
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