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What should we do to reduce the risk of a Reddit-like crisis?

Sometimes the owners or overseers of a community need to remove someone popular -- suspend a top user, boot a popular moderator, or fire a key employee. As we've seen, sometimes this causes an ...

asked by Monica Cellio 72 votes
answered by Aza 41 votes

How can I get people to join a site and not simply glance and pass it by?

A Stack Exchange site I participate on has been getting many questions in the Hot Network questions list recently, which has resulted in many questions getting lots of views. However, there comes a ...

site-growth stack-exchange participation  
asked by HDE 226868 15 votes
answered by gnat 16 votes

How can I effectively moderate a something that's not yet a community, and prevent it from abuse, while maximizing normal user experience?

I'm creating a small online service that may eventually have some form of community, but it's currently at its very first steps. It allows you to create an account, and then create projects with those ...

asked by Doorknob 10 votes
answered by Monica Cellio 8 votes

What to do when I as a moderator feel abused by a member?

Usually when a user complains about getting insulted by another user, a moderator reviews the claim, and when they feel that the complaint is warranted, they punish the insulting user as appropriate. ...

problem-users rules-and-policies disciplinary-actions  
asked by Philipp 14 votes
answered by ChrisF 13 votes

Is permanent banning worth it?

First, some perspective: I was a member of a community about 5 years ago. At that time, I violated community rules and was issued a permanent ban. When this occurred, it took some time to get over, ...

asked by StillBanned 41 votes
answered by Jenny D 44 votes

Should we edit out offensive content from deleted posts if some can see those posts?

On some sites, like Stack Exchange, posts that have been deleted are still visible to a certain class of users beyond moderators/administrators. (On SE, reaching a certain reputation level means you ...

content-curation deletion offensive-content  
asked by Monica Cellio 9 votes
answered by Caleb 11 votes

What is the difference between an admin, a community manager and a moderator?

I see words "admin", "community manager" and "moderator" on many different forums (like Reddit or Stack Overflow or Facebook). What is the difference between them?

asked by user698 6 votes

Can you answer this question?

How do I gather the people to create a new Stack Exchange community?

Technically, to create a new Stack Exchange site, there is a procedure on Area51. This is covered by the question How do I create a new community on Stack Exchange?. However, since then there have ...

site-growth stack-exchange  
asked by gerrit 6 votes
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