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Is permanent banning worth it?

First, some perspective: I was a member of a community about 5 years ago. At that time, I violated community rules and was issued a permanent ban. When this occurred, it took some time to get over, ...

asked by StillBanned 40 votes
answered by Jenny D 45 votes

What's A Good Member to Moderator Ratio

I'm having a private Minecraft server that I just started a few days ago. I'm needing to see what a good moderator to member ratio should be. If there are too little moderators and too many members, ...

moderators small-communities  
asked by Anthony Pham 9 votes
answered by Andy 12 votes

How can I word a user-licensing doc so a user cannot justify deleting all their posts, except 'creative' content?

I am on the verge of relaunching my fandom-centric forum that's been set to read-only since July. Since opening it the first time in 2006, I learned a lot about adminship and being a moderator too. ...

asked by Tarak'ha 9 votes

On Stack Exchange, how do I motivate users to prioritize the needs of the community over personal gain?

On Stack Exchange, users gain valuable Internet points (reputation) when their questions or answers are upvoted and lose (fewer) points when they're downvoted. This creates an incentive to try to ...

user-behavior content-curation stack-exchange  
asked by Monica Cellio 24 votes
answered by Anonymous Penguin 15 votes

How to stop a behaviour that certainly is negative but technically does not break the rules?

On a Q&A site a user occasionally breaks the rules a bit here and there, but not so that their posts get flagged. For example, they post comments like "It would be so great if moderators were ...

user-behavior moderators  
asked by Nicolas Chabanovsky 17 votes
answered by Raffzahn 8 votes

How do you deal with a back-seat moderator?

Someone who isn't a moderator, but attempts to enforce rules without the power of the platform. An example of a problem user is one who tells members how to post, or that they should not post, as ...

user-behavior problem-users user-engagement  
asked by jcolebrand 25 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 11 votes

How to handle a user reposting a deleted message?

Per our forum rules, profanity is deleted and, in extreme cases, the user receives warnings or cumulative infractions which then trigger repercussions for the account. Publicly discussing a moderator ...

problem-users disciplinary-actions web-forums  
asked by user98085 11 votes
answered by Monica Cellio 9 votes
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