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How can an online community measure its growth and development?

Is there a more effective way to measure how a community is growing and developing than just with simple metrics like: Total membership Number of new members per week or month Number and ...

site-growth site-administration kpis  
asked by Greg Chase 7 votes
answered by Greg Chase 8 votes

How to deal with a stubborn person who thinks they are perfect?

As the title already mentions I have a problem with a so-called "perfect" person. I'm part of a studying community in which every age is allowed. So we are a really mixed community, we have older and ...

problem-users new-members physical-communities  
asked by Zerotime 28 votes
answered by Sky 30 votes

How to handle moderation of users known personally?

I have several co-workers or friends who are active on a site that I moderate, they also know that I'm a moderator. I've come across a situation where one of these users has been participating in ...

user-behavior moderators  
asked by Taryn 26 votes
answered by Anonymous Penguin 29 votes

How to retain new users on a Q&A site effectively?

On a Q&A site I co-moderate on the Stack Exchange network, sometimes we see a brand new user asking a good question, and another brand new user posting a good answer. I don't know where they're ...

new-members user-retention  
asked by gerrit 16 votes
answered by Glorfindel 10 votes

How to make users cut down on profanity in a community, where profanity is allowed?

We have pretty loose rules about the language in our community, there usually is a moderate amount of profanity in our chat. Some of the users in our community abuse profanity, though, they insult ...

asked by Mateon1 14 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 22 votes

Ending a community with dignity?

My community has effectively reached the end of its life. Participation is low and has been for years. I'm beyond the optimistic hope of it turning around. Right now I see a few paths I can take: ...

asked by ItsDeadJim 20 votes
answered by Monica Cellio 13 votes

On Stack Exchange, how do I motivate users to prioritize the needs of the community over personal gain?

On Stack Exchange, users gain valuable Internet points (reputation) when their questions or answers are upvoted and lose (fewer) points when they're downvoted. This creates an incentive to try to ...

user-behavior content-curation stack-exchange  
asked by Monica Cellio 23 votes
answered by Anonymous Penguin 14 votes
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