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Top new questions this week:

Twitter Accounts | Single topic, or multiple topics in one account?

Lets assume that I begin a twitter account referencing: My preferences towards MUSIC Inspirational ART & PHOTOGRAPHY SHORT STORIES that I read and enjoy In my mind, the goal of this account is ...

social-network twitter  
asked by W Six 1 vote
answered by warren 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How strict should we be with racist comments on a satire reddit?

I am a mod on a rather growing satire subreddit and I want to know how strict should we be with racist comments. What reasoning is there for acceptable levels of racism in satire?

user-behavior reddit  
asked by Kabalan Zahouri 15 votes
answered by ChrisF 21 votes

How to discern a case of illegal sockpuppetry from a group of people legally contributing from the same workplace?

Cases of (not too well concealed) sockpuppetry can often be characterized by different accounts using the same IP and more or less massively upvoting each other in shorter or longer periods of time. ...

user-behavior participation  
asked by just_curious 15 votes
answered by ChrisF 17 votes

How to reach tech talent interested in developing countries?

I work with a nonprofit called Alter Global that supports tech entrepreneurs across the developing world by connecting them to global talent, capital, and networks. We're rolling out a Tech Fellows ...

user-behavior site-growth promotion leadership volunteers  
asked by Elle Kang 8 votes
answered by Cyn says make Monica whole 1 vote

Am I a moderator or a user?

How should I behave as a user when I'm also a moderator, especially in cases of inter-user disagreement over content or policy? I have my own reasons for thinking I'm right, of course, but I don't ...

user-behavior participation  
asked by jcolebrand 39 votes
answered by Andy 11 votes

How can I word a user-licensing doc so a user cannot justify deleting all their posts, except 'creative' content?

I am on the verge of relaunching my fandom-centric forum that's been set to read-only since July. Since opening it the first time in 2006, I learned a lot about adminship and being a moderator too. ...

asked by Tarak'ha 9 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 10 votes

One person's "offensive" is another person's "meh" (or "huh?") -- how do I mediate that?

My community has a world-wide user base, so there is quite a range of perspectives in play. Sometimes when one of them flags something as offensive I look at the content in question and I don't see ...

asked by Monica Cellio 30 votes
answered by Codeswitcher 15 votes

How do I create a new community on Stack Exchange?

I want to create a community on a Stack Exchange website for welcoming discussions about Tamil language literature. How can I do that? Being a registered user of Stack Exchange, is there any special ...

asked by Loganathan 10 votes
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