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How to stop a behaviour that certainly is negative but technically does not break the rules?

On a Q&A site a user occasionally breaks the rules a bit here and there, but not so that their posts get flagged. For example, they post comments like "It would be so great if moderators were ...

user-behavior moderators  
asked by Nicolas Chabanovsky 15 votes
answered by Raffzahn 7 votes

How to deal with a stubborn person who thinks they are perfect?

As the title already mentions I have a problem with a so-called "perfect" person. I'm part of a studying community in which every age is allowed. So we are a really mixed community, we have older and ...

problem-users new-members physical-communities  
asked by Zerotime 29 votes
answered by Sky 31 votes

One person's "offensive" is another person's "meh" (or "huh?") -- how do I mediate that?

My community has a world-wide user base, so there is quite a range of perspectives in play. Sometimes when one of them flags something as offensive I look at the content in question and I don't see ...

asked by Monica Cellio 30 votes
answered by Codeswitcher 15 votes

How can an online community measure its growth and development?

Is there a more effective way to measure how a community is growing and developing than just with simple metrics like: Total membership Number of new members per week or month Number and percentage ...

site-growth site-administration kpis  
asked by Greg Chase 7 votes
answered by Greg Chase 8 votes

Are there benefits to allowing anonymous users in an online community?

I recently came across the concept of a "Burner" account on Kinja which allows for absolute anonymity for its users: Signing up using our Burner account option is the best way to join the ...

asked by benjaminjosephw 14 votes
answered by Artelius 15 votes

Best way to improve communication among residents of a homeowners association?

I'm interested in setting up an online forum or place of written discussion in order to improve communication within the homeowners association of which I am a member. I'm particularly interested in ...

small-communities communication  
asked by PentiumPro200 9 votes
answered by Greg Chase 5 votes

What's A Good Member to Moderator Ratio

I'm having a private Minecraft server that I just started a few days ago. I'm needing to see what a good moderator to member ratio should be. If there are too little moderators and too many members, ...

moderators small-communities  
asked by Anthony Pham 9 votes
answered by Andy 12 votes
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