Bartle categorized videogamers into 4 different types based on user preferences and character theory: Socializers, Explorers, Killers, Achievers. Is there/can there be a similar classification for Social Network users?

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The paper Design Lessons from the Fastest Q&A Site in the West categorises users into two segments:

  • Asking / Answering (Posting) Behaviour - so determining their preference for Asking, Answering, Reading Only, Asking & Answering, Posting pictures etc.

  • Their Level of Participation in the community. Meaning, how often they come into the community and do one of the 4 activities mentioned above.

The paper distinguishes four answer behaviours:

  1. Community Activists - who post regularly/daily over a number of months.

  2. Shooting Stars - who come and are very active for a short burst and then are less active. So they might be passionate about one topic and engage for a few hours and then not be seen again for a month or so.

  3. Low Profile Users - those with intermittent and infrequent activity levels.

  4. Lurkers / Visitors - those who read but never post or vote or comment.

I have read that in some social media platforms, the Lurkers are the most active, meaning, they represent the largest segment but I don't have stats to back this up.


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