I am an editor of a online journal that is meant to be a social hub for the secular humanist, atheists, brights, freethinkers, and alike in Israel. The site is in Hebrew, and we have a Facebook page with 1600 followers. We would like to take this site to the next level, and hire professional editor, and pay for the writers to motivate them creating high quality material for our site. We also intend to use the money to finance events for the community.

Normal costs for a part time editor for a site of our type is around 3000 ILS a month (850 USD), and a reasonably payment for an article would be around 500 ILS (140 USD). So we would need a yearly budget of 50000 ILS (14000 USD) for our site if we want to hire professional staff.

Is there any benchmark number of people in such a community which is the minimum required for a successful crowdfunding campaign ?

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