I am organising swing dancing parties in a big city in UK. It used to be free and hosted inside a house. It brought around ten people at each event. We mostly communicate on Facebook. The reached population is mostly people from 18 to 24, mostly women.

When I took the responsability for this community I started to share the event everywhere I could and made some videos like this first one or this second one. It doubled the number of attendants. Unfortunately the venue don't have the license to host our events anymore and we had last two times to do it outside which brought around five people.

Yet last time I created a swing party for the American Independance and I shared the event a lot and almost thirty were "interested", two third were newcomers in our events but only five people went with only two newcomers.

How to bring people only “interested” by an event to come to it?

It was forcasted to rain and I warn them we might have to find another venue ? Was it a mistake ?

I've rented the venue for next time, Bastille Day, and I plan to make people pay for it now so they feel engage, and in order to have a covered venue. Now I really need all those people to come to the next event to cover the fees !

Update 16/07

I tried to post once a day. Almost 40 people were interested by this event. It brought a few more people but only passing-by. Most of regular comers didn't came, maybe because it is no more free. Maybe the context is not good, it is now summer time, and football world cup context. The people mostly reached are now women from 24 to 35.

To sum up : more people get interested by these swing dancing parties but less people come. My guess is that changing the venue and the summer context didn't helped.

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