I am but a lowly employee at the company I work for, we have a reasonable workforce of around 300+.

We are NOT an office or corporate company, and the majority of our staff are not technically minded.

Because I am known within the company as being somewhat techie, I have been approached by a manager (who is not very techie at all) and asked if I could maybe suggest something to aid with the company communications.

This is a difficult task, and I have a basis of an idea, however finding out what is out there to implement this, and its cost is currently beyond me.


We currently have a staff portal that allows us to view our duties, arrange duty and holiday swaps with other employees, see our holiday entitlement and see our timesheets.

This week we have moved to digital payslips. The companies intention is to merge these into the staff portal, but in the short term, there will be a separate site to log into to view these.

There is also the link to the uniform supplier where we can log in and request our uniform top-ups and purchase additional items outside of our allowance.

What is wanted is some form of site that is simple to maintain, easy to add or remove documents, and secure (individual user access).

What I envisage is a site that has good clear links/buttons that will direct you to the staff portal / wage slips / uniform top up (these cannot be moved into anything new), and has an easy to navigate document library where both staff notices can be published and archived, but also useful documents for the staff can be stored such as duty cards, route crib sheets, the company handbook or other policies. Whatever it is, it has to be accessible from ANY internet enabled device.

This can be totally separate to, but linked from, the companies public web page (which already has a link to the staff portal on it).

That's the basic version additional features that would be useful (but not necessary) would be some form of newsfeed that shows the most up to date announcements at the top - maybe even with a preset date/time for removal; and a pinboard where staff can advertise for duty or holiday swaps or even things they have for sale maybe? As the staff portal is okay for actually making the swap, but not finding someone to swap with in the first place, and all our duties are unique.

I am fully aware that this is not going to be something that is either free, or even clearly priced! However, cost IS a factor.

I need to avoid individual user or device licensing as much as possible. Our workforce is constantly turning over, so if there is user licensing I would prefer it if it was based on a total number, say for 500 users for example.

It needs to be simple to add or remove users quickly, and it needs to be simple to administer in-house - we would need to have direct control over adding, archiving or removing documents and announcements.

Can anyone recommend anything? Most of the stuff I have looked into is either far too corporate (aimed at collaboration and office environments) or obfuscated behind so much advertising jargon it is impossible to assess if it remotely covers our needs. One that looks mildly interesting is Keyzo, but there is absolutely no indication of costs without contacting them.

So far, only one site (Bitrix) is upfront with costs, but they want €199/month to cover the number of employees we would need to register.

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    You are essentially asking for a software recommendation. There's a StackExchange site for that: Software Recommendations. Please delete your question here and ask it there. Search the site first for similar questions, and read this for guidance. – user732 Sep 11 '18 at 9:51

Hey there thos might help: https://aprio.net it is made for corporate users in mind although slack does have a ton of bots I think one with payroll management however I think the best one is aprio. Let me know if it helps

  • Have you used this software? How has it worked at addressing the needs OP wants to address, in your experience? – V2Blast Nov 20 '19 at 4:15

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