I am wondering today, how many people are aware about Environment Day and how they deal with it. How people come together to solve this issue.

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This year on Environment Day, Pradip Burman announced the launch of an environmental initiative. This is Project Sanjeevani which is a part of the mission everyone must strive for at the current situation and i.e. Greener Earth. Under this initiative, a mass plantation was proposed to be organized by Mobius Foundation which is headed by Pradip Burman. The initiative will take place with NGO SATHI and currently, the target area is Sonepat, Haryana. With this project, 5,000 saplings will be planted around the villages within a time period of a few months from the day of the announcement. Till now the organization has not reported the success of the project.


It's a project initiated by the Mobius Foundation "Sanjeevani" to plant 5000 saplings around the villages of Sonepat and Panipat districts of Haryana.

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