We have a place called Meta where we discuss about policies. Voting on meta usually indicates the consensus of community. Recently I've found that some of users in community is divided into two groups, say the practice of (I'm not sure about word usage) groupism or brigading.

Now, what the issue is: Many a times, when we have discussions on meta users votes from both sides i.e part (50%) of the users vote in agreement and part (50%) votes on opposite side and eventually the topic or issue become controversial. The result is that we can't reach at conclusion and the issue remains unsolved. (sometimes community leave/forgot the topic for now but there are chances of same or similar issue being problematic in future since the problem was not solved when it was discussed)

Here, one thing I'm unsure about whether:

  • The issue becomes the controversial because the community is divided or
  • The community is divided because the issue is controversial

However, I'm sure the mentioned groupism or brigading effect is severe/critical sometimes.

Only some users participate or vote on meta and among them if community divides, it becomes difficult to reach at conclusion.

So, I need guidance on how to deal with the problem of "Community is divided and finding difficult to solve the problem"?


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