I have few subscribers support at a social media platform, I made some merchandise thinking that my subscribers (around 30K) will show me some support. But it did not happen, no one bought any of my merchandise product. It was unexpected for me as I often interact with my subscribers in comments and posts.

How can I convince in few words(as this is on social media) my subscribers to show some support and buy my product.

I totally understand nobody can force people to buy, but there has to be a way to convince people, Products are nice BTW. I had posted the image of the product too in first attempt to sell. My next attempt would be something like this-

Hi friends, I posted this merch last week but could not get any buyer till now. I request you guys to support me with this, any suggestions are welcome.

Is this a good way to request? I am not sure. Please suggest.

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    1. Leave out the negative part, it almost sounds like an accusation. You ask "Please support me by buying this merchandise" 2. Have your text checked by a native English speaker - I request is not OK to ask. – user732 Sep 16 at 13:59
  • Thanks for the suggestions Jan. Unfortunately I am not a native speaker so I don't know how to put the words professionally. – Yo Yo Sep 16 at 14:14

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