I'm working on my own social media, and when it comes to topics - is a hierarchy of Administrators and Moderators better or worser than a democratic votes system similar to stack exchange?

In other words, when it's better to let the staff do it, and when the community?

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    This is very broad and likely depends on a multitude of factors. Can you describe a bit more of the community? What's the current structure look like (if any)? – Andy Sep 29 at 0:50
  • Yet, the community is not there, but ive prepared a lovely place, ill clarify - the community is currently small, nice and fair people, the community is more about discussing code and sharing it. – Anatoly Wein Sep 29 at 4:52
  • @Andy okay this hasn't received much attention: I'm still building the site and developing all the moderation tools, but I'd like to know on this stage which community structure will succeed: So, a staff team, or the community, for the rulers? – Anatoly Wein Oct 3 at 14:29

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