I am a novice in community building, and am managing a group of ~8 volunteers for a nonprofit plan that I initiated. The group is running via Facebook chat. I understand that leader should be active, but what I don't understand is why enthusiastic members aren't active at all. Because they express that they really like to join the plan, they should be active as well? Or is it really necessary to ping every individual member to get their response? Why can't their enthusiasm replace my individual pinging?

  • Keep in mind, although a user might support your ideals and plan, they also have real lives, places to be in the real world. They cant be on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to reply to you. I'm managing a 200+ user community for a nonprofit fangame, and Its successful because we respect each users culture, time zone, ideals and activity, which includes the amount of time they are online. Giving your community members their own freedoms is very important. – Mister SirCode Oct 22 at 19:32
  • I understand. This is why I ask this question. There are surely successful volunteering projects that no one is paid? Or it's all come down to the number of volunteers? – Ooker Oct 23 at 8:58

In my experience, people are seeking leadership, organization and delegation of work, at least initially, to build motivation and momentum to start experiencing success as a group. Help them see the value of investing a wee bit of Individual effort and subsequently experience some collective success as a team.

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