Let me first introduce myself. My name is Peter Staal and I live in the Netherlands. I am one of the founders of a Dutch company called Bind. With this company we help business clients set up online communities for customers, employees and/or members. We have also written a book on communitymanagement.

We currently see a lot of training material available for larger companies: expensive courses on communitymanagement that are simply overkill for individuals managing their own forums (like yourselves). That's why we set out to develop an online course for moderators. Ideas we currently have are: The role of a moderator, the role of content, how to activate the different member types, how to measure success etc. Because we would like to make this course fit the needs of the target group as much as possible, we would really like to hear about the subjects that you would like to see in a course like this. Obviously this course will be in english and will be entirely online (think a Udemy or Skillshare course). It will also be cheaper than what's currently available. We still struggle with the following questions, we would like your help with:

  • What are the elements you struggle with the most in moderating you community?
  • What subjects should definitely be part of this course?
  • What would me you consider taking part in such a course; taking into consideration the price, the duration, the content etc?

Thanks a lot for helping us!

Feel free to ask me anything if there are still things unclear.

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