Suppose I have some users that have a history of arguing with each other on other sites. They have now followed each other to my site and are continuing this behavior.

How can I try to defuse their arguments, given that they can continue to incite each other on the sites they originally came from?

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Communicate to them that this is not an appropriate forum for their arguments, but remember that it is possible for people to disagree constructively, even if they disagree everywhere.

So, when looking at these cases, ask yourself:

  1. Is this argument/debate on-topic? Such arguments have a tendency to devolve away from the topic of a situation. If the argument in question does, then remove it, and let the users know that it isn't on-topic.

  2. Is this argument/debate out-of-line? If it's too disruptive or generates significant noise, take moderative action, and let the users know the behavior isn't relevant.

If it's on-topic and not out-of-line, let it be. It's alright to keep.

If it is vaguely irritating, and grows to be too much of a site disturbance cumulatively, just send the users a message to let them know you'd like them to cool it. Be sure to send them the same message, and be sure not to implicate either one of them.


First of all, just talk to them and tell them about your site's policies and say that you don't think that this is the best place for their argument. You might want to also formally contact someone with the site it originated on letting them know what is going on. They might be able to solve the problem there at its root.

If you tried to settle the argument yourself by telling them not to fight on your site, tried contacting the other site to see if they can help any, and they still continue to fight, you probably don't have any other option than temporarily suspending them both. If they continue to fight after the ban is over, a ban might be needed to solve this.

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