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Questions tagged [bullying]

Harassment or other persistent, negative treatment of one person by another, whether the people involved are moderators or other community members.

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14 votes
5 answers

How do I deal with online trolling/harassment in video games?

How does one deal with online trolling/harassment in video games? Examples of issues I have faced as a player: Running a game with friends and having one random player join in and ruin it, ...
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42 votes
7 answers

Handling user who is brilliant but disruptive

I'm a member of an online community built around a certain piece of open-source software. It's the place where we discuss development, bugs, etc - i.e. it's a place where we talk about code rather ...
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33 votes
4 answers

What should I do about a moderator who dislikes me and lets that affect how he manages the site?

I'm a well-regarded, long-term user on a site. One of the moderators has taken a personal dislike to me, I think because we're often on opposite sides of issues on the site. I strive to always be ...
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