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For questions about issues specific to participation by children, including restricting access to comply with local laws and supporting parental controls.

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2 answers

How can I reach children below 13 years old?

I want to build a scooter community in the context of my city and communicate easily about events I'm planning. Most of people who ride stunt scooters are children under 13 years old. Since it's ...
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How to start a charity project making use of college students as cram school teachers for orphans in lower levels of education? [closed]

I want to start a charity project that makes use of the human capital we have here in Morocco. The targeted population of the project is orphans of the same city, and I'm having thoughts about making ...
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8 votes
2 answers

What to do when a child contacts you?

I run a twitter account with over 80,000 followers. I'm an adult. Recently someone contacted me offering website redesign help in exchange for a t-shirt. It was kinda obvious that he might be under 18 ...
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How to deal with users that are overusing my community?

I am running a forum with a very young user group (primarily 9-17 years old) and there are some users that are simply overusing my community: Some of them are online all day, every day. While I ...
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