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How do I make my users comment on blog posts?

I have a blog with 100 visits per days, and I have installed a Disqus comment section. But after a month I have still no comments! I tried some call to action on my articles post, but it doesn't work.....
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Would reporting a violating comment beneficial if it has a rule reminder?

In the subreddit Change My View, a person give a response why my view wouldn't work. I give a response to them, and this is how it goes: - Yeah, this only supports everything I said before - can ...
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Embedded comments on a blog - in place commenting vs dedicated forum

I run a Wordpress blog that gets a moderate amount of traffic compared to my previous ventures. Over time I've grown less and less satisfied with the commenting system though and am looking at ...
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What can we do to reduce problems from comment explosions?

I moderate a Stack Exchange site that gets a lot of comments on posts. On Stack Exchange, comments aren't meant for discussion or chit-chat; they're meant to help improve the post. So asking the ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Should I remove a user that broke our guidelines in one thread from being able to comment on it anymore?

I am facing the following decision: 1) We can remove a user that violated our rules in the comment section from commenting further. It would be the easiest way of implementing it. I just see the ...
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How many complaints is enough to consider a post/comment as improper on an online press site

We are about to run an online complain system for our online news press system with about 10000 members and readers daily. Like any other online forum, we receive improper (spammy) comments containing ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Astro Turfing to help jump start a community

As we all know building a community is hard especially when it's new. I've heard and been told by other website/community mods that Astro Turfing is commonly done by many to help build and encourage ...
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2 answers

Wordpress comments vs Forum

We've set up a Wordpress blog that gets decent traffic (I think). In the past I've utilized forum software to facilitate discussion. With Wordpress there are plugins that can cross post blog entires ...
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Do long-term "icebreaker" threads foster quality discussion?

I moderate a subreddit that primarily sees submissions in the form of news articles, with very little discussion in the comments except for very important news or events. I would like to automate ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Can't watch 24x7; how do we keep comments under control?

"Don't read the comments" is pretty common advice on the Internet, and for good reason: once somebody starts leaving snarky or rude comments others tend to follow suit. Blog owners or community ...
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