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For questions primarily about the mechanisms for communications within a community, their use, and usefulness.

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How to choose correct art size for living room?

Do you think that large wall art will suit the small living room space? Any recommendations on what size art to choose when decorating my living room?
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Controlling who's speaking on a voice conference

It looks like we have a problem related to controlling the pace of our voice discussions. Here's some background: We're a hackerspace: a creative organization where one's status in the community is (...
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How do I create a tag based community for our sdk and suite of softwares for our company?

We have our own set of SDKs. We want to build out our community over StackOverflow for the developers. What is the way to build such a community?
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All In A Name : Going off-topic when you're a niche community

I'm starting up a small community, and I currently have a very brandable name which is very suited to the type of posts I'm going to be ( primarily ) making. I use the word Primarily here bacause I ...
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What to say for milestone celebration post?

I have a Facebook group about philosophy, and it gets 1000 members. How should I celebrate this, and encourage people to engage and interact?
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How far in advance should I post a reminder for a scheduled livestream to maximize viewership?

I help run the social media for (and am a player in) a weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition actual-play podcast called Planeslip: Echoes of Creation. The campaign is set in a homebrew setting of ...
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How to convince my subscribers to buy my merch

I have few subscribers support at a social media platform, I made some merchandise thinking that my subscribers (around 30K) will show me some support. But it did not happen, no one bought any of my ...
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Marketing & Promoting Your Community

I'm starting a new online business which focuses heavily on media, but I'm not sure the best way to communicate with my audience and clients via social media. A rough plan is to have multiple social ...
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How can I properly praise my leadership team?

I run an online community with about 8 dedicated Officers that run most of the community. One of the areas they continually point out is a weak spot for me is giving praise or encouragement. I've ...
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Collaboration scouting [closed]

I am a relatively novice filmmaker and a visual & graphic designer, I have my own small business but I am looking for collabs from my country (Bahrain) and unfortunately this mentality is not ...
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What was Pradip Burman's effort on Environment Day 2018? [closed]

I am wondering today, how many people are aware about Environment Day and how they deal with it. How people come together to solve this issue.
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Steal Hashtags in social networks as guerrilla strategy

I am thinking in this strategy more like a guerrilla way. I have articles about companies and I understand that is not very polite to steal their hashtags. However, it seems a good way to reach a new ...
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How can I run a remote open space?

I have participated in several open space events at technical conferences, and I found them to be effective for getting people to loosen up and learn and contribute. I conduct frequent technical ...
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Replacing Discourse and Slack with a single platform?

TL;DR: Are there tools/platforms that can replace both Discourse (forums for end users) and Slack (chat for developers) at once for a small open source organization? We're a small open source ...
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How to ask for feedback and get new ideas

I have a website that is a service and now I am looking for gather information about feedback from users. I am thinking about a fixed top bar in landing page saying something like "Hey, can you help ...
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How do I address cliquish behavior in a social dance community?

I'm part of a dance community. I go to an event Friday nights where people partner dance and usually exchange partners at the end of each song. There is no alcohol and the age range is 20+. I noticed ...
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How to get enough response from Facebook users who are intended to study abroad?

We run a social network for college applicants, enabling applicants to connect and collaborate with other applicants, current college students, college alumni, and university officials. We are going ...
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Define strategy to social networks targeting multiple countries

I have a website about reviews targeting two countries, speaking the same language: and Each review will only be relevant to the readers of that respective country (...
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cloud platform for managing and emailing lists of members

What suggestions are there for a reliable and easy to use hosted cloud based platform that will hold members (~50) email addresses and allow forming lists of members that can be emailed, from a ...
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Invoking the Streisand Effect - A personal response?

In my previous question, I asked about how to deal with the Streisand Effect as a community. This is how to deal with it as a single community user. A brief summary of the situation: A user in my ...
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Invoking the Streisand Effect - A community response?

A user in my community did something that brought the wrath of the internet down on the community. From my point of view, it was a simple wording mistake. This was pointed out to the user, who then ...
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Best way to improve communication among residents of a homeowners association?

I'm interested in setting up an online forum or place of written discussion in order to improve communication within the homeowners association of which I am a member. I'm particularly interested in ...
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"But I posted it on Facebook!" How do I get my community to use broader communication channels?

A local community (a congregation) has a problem: while we have email lists for announcements (not discussion), more and more often people organizing activities fail to use them. They figure that ...
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Small web page with news and files

I'm a part of a band, and it happens, that I'm most tech advanced guy of all. We have troubles organizing our notes and we somehow solved them, using Google drive. Now we have some concerts and we ...
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Banned user tries to log in - show a "Banned" message or a generic "Can't Log You In"?

What is the best practice around messaging when a banned user attempts to log in? Specifically looking for messaging for (a) when the banned user tries to log in, and (b) when the banned user tries to ...
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How can we plug a leak of confidential information?

I belong to a large, geographically-distributed social organization. Everything the group does is the result of dedicated volunteers. Within this organization we have an award that is akin to a "...
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How to create an organised association that is project oriented?

A group of youngsters (age average of 20 years) would like to establish an organisation that makes projects into reality. The question would be: What kind of structure would be the best to manage this ...
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How do we better enable dialogue between new and core users on a wiki?

I'm an admin on a meaningfully popular wiki that's been around a long time - We've a steady inflow of users and content, as well as a small, but loyal, core admin/userbase. Our wiki subject requires ...
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How should a tech company communicate on Twitter?

I'm working in a software company where we regularly do coding dojo (practices with peers) and tech monitoring to stay up-to-date (reading article, watching conferences, etc.). I'm a software ...
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How can I create a community around my Twitch livestreams?

There is a streaming platform out there, focused on games, called I am streaming my favourite game there (League of Legends), but it isn't that exciting when not many people are watching. I ...
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How to say "We miss you, please come back!" properly?

According to my forum statistics, I have a large number of users. In actuality, I have a fraction of those users that are active. I'd like to send a "We miss you, please come back" type message to ...
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Moderator group events in real life

My administration team has lobbied to organize a real life meet up for team building and getting to know one another better. Based on where we are all located (and who said they are willing to travel),...
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How can I keep up with my growing community

I have a good problem. My community is growing. Unfortunately, it's growing much faster than I anticipated and I'm having problems keeping up with aspects of the community. My biggest concern and ...
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How should one handle a foreign user with a desire to be constructive, but a severe inability to communicate?

I moderate a gameserver that revolves around a community-built virtual world, in the style of games such as Minecraft (but a FOSS clone). We have a fairly basic common-sense ruleset regarding ...
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