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Questions tagged [community-organizing]

For questions about the process of organizing a new community.

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How to orchestrate global network of groups / facilitators?

I'm ramping up global APIOps network, which consists of local independent groups in various cities. We have now groups in 4 cities. Our current growth plan contains elements which enables us to scale ...
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3 votes
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How to get started organising a community for carsharing in a village?

Carsharing is a model of short-term car rental in which people can rent cars by the hour or even by the minute. Commercial operators tend to focus on cities, and rarely have offers in smaller ...
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Where can I find guidance in setting up free wifi Internet access for our municipality?

I would like to submit a proposal to my municipality for them to offer free wifi Internet to the township residents. They do not have an exclusivity agreement for Internet service with the current ISP,...
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