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How to build a community around a private project?

I am planning a web application and have actually gotten started on it on my own, and I am now trying to reach out to people so I can find others who'd like to contribute or join the project. After ...
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Best practice to balance the dynamic nature of a community

On Stack Exchange Networks, sites are called "communities". I have observed that many users (let's say N) come to join the site, several of them (S=N-100) stick with site for a while, very ...
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What should we do with a user who is using powers, solely given for technical tasks, to overreach and enforce rules?

We run a MediaWiki, where we have a good, contributing user who agreed to be given temporary powers as an administrator, explicitly with the instructions to only manage the protection and erasure of a ...
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How to get enough response from Facebook users who are intended to study abroad?

We run a social network for college applicants, enabling applicants to connect and collaborate with other applicants, current college students, college alumni, and university officials. We are going ...
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How to increase social coherence in a community with high renewal rate?

Consider a community where many people remain a relatively short time. For example, a university department with 100 post-docs. Some stay for one year, some for three, some five. The community is ...
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How can I get experienced users to ask more questions?

On a Stack Exchange site I moderate, there are many experienced users who write excellent answers. I can count on them to give high-quality answers to most questions. Their efforts substantially help ...
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11 votes
3 answers

How do I participate as a new user in a community?

I've joined a community and read the rules. More than once even. I've lurked in the community for a while. Occasionally, I've poked my head out of a dark cave and even said a few things. I doubt they'...
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Handling user who is brilliant but disruptive

I'm a member of an online community built around a certain piece of open-source software. It's the place where we discuss development, bugs, etc - i.e. it's a place where we talk about code rather ...
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How to make elitist users be nicer to beginners without "protecting" bad users? [duplicate]

After a "digital community" starts getting old, it gathers a group of old timers who were there from the beginning, and now feel they "own" the site. These old timers often get angry/frustrated with ...
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How can moderators prevent an 'in-crowd' forming?

As sites age and grow, it is inevitable that groups of older, more experienced users will tend to hang together and support each other. This is great, but it can go too far, to the extent that the ...
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