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Best practice to balance the dynamic nature of a community

On Stack Exchange Networks, sites are called "communities". I have observed that many users (let's say N) come to join the site, several of them (S=N-100) stick with site for a while, very ...
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How to get enough response from Facebook users who are intended to study abroad?

We run a social network for college applicants, enabling applicants to connect and collaborate with other applicants, current college students, college alumni, and university officials. We are going ...
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13 votes
3 answers

What privileges should I grant to expert users vs site moderators?

On Stack Exchange sites and others, moderation privileges are managed by a reputation score which is essentially a way of capturing subject authority as well as capturing how well that member engages ...
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Attracting experts to a young site with little expert content

I'm a member of a new online community that I'd like to see flourish. In order to grow and gain traction we need to increase our user base, in particular by attracting experts in our topic. What we'...
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How to attract experts of the field to my community?

I'm a moderator on a brand new site, how can I help drive expert users to it? This will help grow the community as well as improving the content on the site.
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