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How do I monetize a Discord community server?

So 6 months ago I created a Discord community server for a speedrunning community for a game I moderate on While it hasn't been doing that well, I am trying to plan ahead and am trying ...
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How do I monetize my community?

I started a smaller niche community a year ago and it has been growing ever since, the community is extremely positive and vibrant and I'm extremely happy with how far it has come. As the community ...
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7 votes
2 answers

What to do when someone provides support money?

I run a nonprofit project and someone supports me with money. Beside thanking them, what else I can do? Should I publicly thank them, so that (1) they are proud, and (2) others will be motivated? If ...
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How to monetize my business community?

I have created an online business community which has approx. 20 000 monthly pageviews. The functionality is similar to cragislist or quikr, online classified ads. I am trying to figure out how I can ...
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How can a community raise funds to help offset costs, even if site is non commercial?

I run a very small community with a nascent population (online; not associated with a geographical area). Even though my intention is to not necessarily create a profitable business out of this ...
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How to start a charity project making use of college students as cram school teachers for orphans in lower levels of education? [closed]

I want to start a charity project that makes use of the human capital we have here in Morocco. The targeted population of the project is orphans of the same city, and I'm having thoughts about making ...
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Is there a precedent for selling admin seats in online communities?

I have been told that many of the early volunteer fire departments (in the US) were actually funded by required donations to become a member. Is there any evidence of a similar approach being used ...
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Pros and cons of advertising vs donations as a funding source?

When a small site begins it is often funded entirely by the founder, and as it becomes more active the associated costs increase. What are the pros and cons of advertising vs seeking donations to ...
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20 votes
4 answers

How can I introduce changes to cover costs without enraging the community?

Many communities begin as small projects and hobbies. They start as a passion and the creators pour their time and money into the project. As a community grows, though, the need for new hosting, ...
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