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For questions that specifically apply to communities built around online and/or mobile games.

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Dealing with ignorant users and moderators regarding game mechanics

In an online browser game targeted at children but equally played by adults, countless times I've been talked to with disdain and authoritative disbelief. This happens when I try and help other ...
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Why is the League of Legends community so toxic?

Expanding upon "How do I deal with online trolling/harassment in video games?" by discussing a specific case. I keep hearing about ongoing toxicity issues with the LoL player community, with a ...
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As a community member, how can I mitigate backlash caused by an unintended breaking change?

I'm a member of a gaming community and a recent patch caused some severe breaking changes to the expected behavior of some user-generated content in the game. This has understandably made some users ...
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How do I deal with online trolling/harassment in video games?

How does one deal with online trolling/harassment in video games? Examples of issues I have faced as a player: Running a game with friends and having one random player join in and ruin it, ...
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Should moderators interfere in market transactions?

Many online games have marketplaces where users can exchange virtual goods, services and currencies. And since the beginning of trade, there have been those who attempt to engage in those transactions ...
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Judging the effectiveness of disciplinary actions, moderation principles and rules

Is there a magic ratio of Player Loss to New Players (or Active Players) that I should be looking for in a MMO Browser Game? How else could I gauge the effectiveness of Moderation Principles, ...
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Disciplinary action guideline for a game with chat

Given a basic set of rules for a MMO Text-based browser(& Android) game (attacks can be made every so many seconds and players can also buy auto attacks using both in-game currency or donate to ...
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