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Rankings: How to deal with low number of reviews for user generated content website?

I have a community based website and I am receiving some complaints about the way I make the rankings of content. The focus of the platform is user-generated reviews. The problem is that I use an ...
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How to incentivise users to contribute data back to my community

I trying to build community x, which is kind of a stack exchange for domain y. At the center of this community would be data pertaining to domain y. However, in order to get the data, I need users to ...
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Appropriate gamification badge rewards for young community?

I am in the final stages of preparing to launch a new community. One of the things I keep reading about is how "gamification" helps to improve engagement in a community. I'm going to start small on ...
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How can I encourage people to do the Right Thing™ when there is no reward?

I moderate a site where users Ask and Answer questions. There is a duplicate flagging feature which needs 5 users (as it does here) to mark a question as a duplicate. Users also get "Seconds" (the ...
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Is the idea of crowd-sourcing moderation duties a reason to prevent automated processes from helping?

There was a discussion yesterday on Stack Exchange that ended with the following: [I]sn't the point of crowd sourcing to get humans doing things? Inviting AIs (or facsimiles thereof) to do the job ...
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How to leverage reputation systems of other communities to encourage participation in your own

I am developing a community from scratch whose target audience typically frequents several other communities and utilizes different collaboration tools, each of which has its own activity or ...
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Do badges (gamification) produce positive results in a professional community?

The community manager of a large developer community recently mentioned to me that we now have the ability to roll out badges for achievements on the site. These sound similar to Stack Exchange's ...
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Does adding ability to upvote/downvote posts cause users to post less?

After ability to up/downvote posts was added on a forum, I've gotten the impression that users are posting less. I'm not sure if it's just a hunch or a fact, and the platform doesn't provide ...
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When is a formal reputation system inappropriate?

Many online community platforms have some kind of built-in, optional or add-on feature to keep track of a formal reputation score for each user. A non-exhaustive list of examples might include: Stack ...
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