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Use this tag for questions relating to moderators, their selection, their training, and their interaction with users.

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How should issues with which the moderators have no expertise be dealt with?

If a small group of moderators is moderating a large group of experts, it is inevitable that issues occur relating to small areas of expertise which do not fall within those covered by the moderator ...
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How should I deal with an active and important community member who is overly concerned with their self-importance?

How should I deal with an active and important community member who is overly concerned with their self-importance? Some may go so far as to label this behavior a "god complex". This member believes ...
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How can I discourage a behavior without drawing attention to it?

As a moderator, we get to see patterns of behavior from user(s) that start to spread to others in the community. Whether it is snarky or rude comments, we want to nip it in the bud as soon as possible....
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When should you stop trying to reach a consensus with a user over a decision you have made?

As a moderator, you are inevitably faced with users who legitimately have problems with decisions you make. Often, you may be able to discuss the decision with them and reach a consensus, but ...
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How do you justify moderator actions that are based on secret information?

Usually I like moderator actions and the reasons for them to be public. The community can examine them and is either convinced that they are correct, or they can make an argument why they were not. ...
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How can you estimate the number of moderators needed in a community? [closed]

A community with too many moderators may suffer from "over moderation" if too many users are moderating and not enough are doing whatever the community does. Additionally, the larger a moderation team,...
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How do you moderate the moderators?

How can you have a self regulating group of moderators in a community? Moderators regulate the community, but there is not an official way to moderate the moderators themselves. Here in Stack ...
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