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Content that violates community standards of decency.

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How many complaints is enough to consider a post/comment as improper on an online press site

We are about to run an online complain system for our online news press system with about 10000 members and readers daily. Like any other online forum, we receive improper (spammy) comments containing ...
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What is the moderator's responsibilty to determine the offensiveness of flagged content?

[Content note for abuse to women; also I've softened some of the language since abuse is not on topic here, click through to read the original if you wish] An article in The Atlantic today recounts: ...
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Handling user that's offended by a joke about a disability

On a chatroom that I moderate, there is a regular user who is deaf (for simplicity, let's call him A), and recently someone (let's call him B) made a joke about deaf people, but he did not yet know ...
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One person's "offensive" is another person's "meh" (or "huh?") -- how do I mediate that?

My community has a world-wide user base, so there is quite a range of perspectives in play. Sometimes when one of them flags something as offensive I look at the content in question and I don't see ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Should we edit out offensive content from deleted posts if some can see those posts?

On some sites, like Stack Exchange, posts that have been deleted are still visible to a certain class of users beyond moderators/administrators. (On SE, reaching a certain reputation level means you ...
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