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For questions about how to promote a community: advertising, recruiting members, keeping new members engaged, etc.

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How far in advance should I post a reminder for a scheduled livestream to maximize viewership?

I help run the social media for (and am a player in) a weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition actual-play podcast called Planeslip: Echoes of Creation. The campaign is set in a homebrew setting of ...
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How can I maintain user engagement/interest during "off weeks" for a weekly podcast?

I help run the social media for (and am a player in) a weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition actual-play podcast set in a homebrew campaign setting of the Dungeon Master's own creation. We ...
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How to reach tech talent interested in developing countries?

I work with a nonprofit called Alter Global that supports tech entrepreneurs across the developing world by connecting them to global talent, capital, and networks. We're rolling out a Tech Fellows ...
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How can I get more people to join the Mindstorms subreddit?

I've been the mod for quite a while and I've been trying to pick up the traffic the subreddit gets but I have had little to no results. I tried challenge threads and no one bothers. I've done ...
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What forms of guerrilla marketing can be effective when building a community on the web?

I read a lot about small hacks that can help when gaining traction with very small budget. Some of the most commons strategies are: Profile signature in related forums. No cost, but some forums have ...
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How to increase sales on educational website and how to engage people on forum to talk about/answer on relevant topic?

I am working with an educational website. Where people use to ask question related to study abroad. Our motive of this website is to get help from the people who have gone or experience with that ...
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Best practices to promote a private beta SE site

I'm one of the more avid users of the emerging Internet of Things Stack Exchange. With the holidays our private beta has gotten a bit long and we are struggling a bit to re-engage with the pre-holiday ...
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How can I advertise my community?

I want to advertise my community (an online community with a forum, homepage and TeamSpeak without a specification) and I don't have many members at the moment (only 10). Now, I want to make the ...
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How effective are popularity contests as a way to recruit and build community membership?

Imagine a community one of whose activities is running contests where the winner from a set of finalists is determined by popularity (i.e. most votes). A feature of these popularity contests would be ...
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Recruiting sponsors for a community gathering?

I have attended LAN parties in the past - large (500+) and small (less than 50). In both venues, there have been big name sponsors (nVidia, NewEgg, Amazon, etc.). They provide prizes - video cards, ...
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How can I promote my Mumford and Sons Fan Group?

I have created years ago a Mumford and Sons Facebook Fan Page from Portugal and I would like to promote the Fan Group. I also created other accounts in other Social Networks, as well as Tweeter (...
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Placing a short announcement of our community in a professional journal

How do I best approach the editors of a professional journal about the topic of our site, if I would like to ask them if it is possible to place a short inviting announcement/comment about our ...
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How can a marketer participate in technical community without being rejected as a spammer?

Our moderator team received a private message this week from a marketing agent that represented a company in our industry. They are interested in posting news about the company in our community. We'...
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How can we retain users who came for a special event?

My Stack Exchange community has a special event that runs for about two weeks per year. During this event we get a lot of new questions with clever answers and a lot more visitors. It's, basically, ...
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How can we attract more women to our business-focused Q&A site?

Problem I'm a moderator on Startups Stack Exchange, and we're facing a significant gender bias in our contributors and visitors that I'd love to see evened out a bit. Evidence According to Quantcast, ...
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32 votes
3 answers

Attracting experts to a young site with little expert content

I'm a member of a new online community that I'd like to see flourish. In order to grow and gain traction we need to increase our user base, in particular by attracting experts in our topic. What we'...
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How to say "We miss you, please come back!" properly?

According to my forum statistics, I have a large number of users. In actuality, I have a fraction of those users that are active. I'd like to send a "We miss you, please come back" type message to ...
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How do I advertise without spamming?

I've built a piece of software. It is for a small niche hobby. There are a few communities, outside of the one I usually frequent, that appear active in this area and I've seen complaints in a couple ...
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Starting a community from scratch - how to create initial userbase?

I've seen this too many times. A new forum on some subject, with thirty or more sub-fora, great most of them with 0 posts, some with 2-3, one "welcome topic" running greetings from some 40 users the ...
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How can I promote my site/forum?

As a moderator on a young Stack Exchange site, I've been wondering how I can promote my site. This is a general question, so it shouldn't be Stack Exchange specific. Many forum moderators face this ...
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Attracting positive users to the community [closed]

In the age of the Eternal September, how can I avoid attracting immature users to my community, while still drawing a steady flow of new users? What is the best way to ensure the community feels age-...
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