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What does a Community Manager do?

My community has moderators and administrators. Basically, the moderators run the day to day community and the administrators run the day to day business of the community. The administrators are ...
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3 answers

What privileges should I grant to expert users vs site moderators?

On Stack Exchange sites and others, moderation privileges are managed by a reputation score which is essentially a way of capturing subject authority as well as capturing how well that member engages ...
10 votes
2 answers

Terminology: “bureaucrats” have the utmost technical privilege but don't set policy?

On Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects, "bureaucrats" are community members that have the technical power to grant other users "administrator" and "bureaucrat" permissions. (They also ...
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What is the difference between an admin, a community manager and a moderator?

I see words "admin", "community manager" and "moderator" on many different forums (like Reddit or Stack Overflow or Facebook). What is the difference between them?
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