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For discussions involving the use of the social media platform Twitter.

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1 answer

Twitter Accounts | Single topic, or multiple topics in one account?

Lets assume that I begin a twitter account referencing: My preferences towards MUSIC Inspirational ART & PHOTOGRAPHY SHORT STORIES that I read and enjoy In my mind, the goal of this account is ...
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2 answers

Building A Community Around Your Pseudonym or Alias

I'm looking to build a community based around several closely related themes/niches, but my diferentiating between myself and my community is clashing. Let me use an example. There's a guy ( @...
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6 votes
1 answer

Establishing yourself in "Regular" and NSFW communities

I'm setting up several micro-magazines in the new year, but I'm concerned about how to communicate with all target markets at the same time. My magazines each have their own space on the internet, ...
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7 votes
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Strategies for keeping multiple platforms in sync?

I have a small video web site (hosted with Wordpress), a subreddit, a YouTube channel and Twitter. Once in a while one of my videos gets some attention on reddit and I'm having trouble keeping my ...
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Why is Twitter's 1000-follows-per-day limit ignored for some accounts, but not for others? [closed]

Something strange is happening to different accounts I manage. Some accounts have the regular following limit of 1000 follows per day. But others let me follow up to 3000 follows per day sometimes. I ...
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