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For questions primarily about user behavior, including reactions to moderator decisions and other actions they take within the community.

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Examples of majority rule/mob rule communities that have succeed long term and don't degrade to lowest common denominator?

A recent episode of The Orville - Majority Rule - had an interesting premise: the entire society's laws were voted on by everyone all the time. The majority vote wins and that is how laws are created ...
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How to incentivise users to contribute data back to my community

I trying to build community x, which is kind of a stack exchange for domain y. At the center of this community would be data pertaining to domain y. However, in order to get the data, I need users to ...
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Where I can post a survey on backend development?

I'm doing research on backend development for a product I'm working on. I would like to know where I can ask developers to take my survey on StackEchange. I'm looking for a good topic without looking ...
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