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What are some uncommon, but useful, rules for public forums?

So there are many rules that come to mind when establishing codes of conduct or user policies for forums - no spamming, hacking, etc. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with perhaps less ...
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A good interface for parents in an elementary school: email, web, mobile, or something else?

I'd like to build an online community for my son's elementary school. It's hard for parents to communicate right now. I'd like to have an easy-to-use online place where a parent can post a question: &...
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Should access to an Online/Crowd-Sourced Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) site be fully open?

I am attempting to create an online Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) web site/forum. The site/forum aims to assess the costs and benefits of state and local level legislation through crowd sourcing. ...
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3 answers

General Rules of Conduct

This is regarding what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in usual online discussion forums, or social networks. I have a specific question from what happened in another discussion forum. In ...
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How to promote and encourage differently-abled participants?

We run a community mostly on slack, with almost 4k participants. We have been creating lots of channels to promote and talk about inclusivity, and intersectionality. In that spirit, we would like to ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Replacing Discourse and Slack with a single platform?

TL;DR: Are there tools/platforms that can replace both Discourse (forums for end users) and Slack (chat for developers) at once for a small open source organization? We're a small open source ...
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8 votes
1 answer

What is the effect of different users having different views of a thread?

In some communities (Reddit is a good example) it's common to get a mix of humorous and serious responses. Sometimes people are reading for pleasure, and are interested in both. Other times, people ...
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I am looking for examples of online community growth

We are starting a free no-advertising B2B community content site. I'd like to set some goals for development of that site based on what others have learned in their own businesses. I plan to drive ...
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133 votes
7 answers

Why do Internet forums tend to prohibit responding to inactive threads?

On most Internet forums, it is frowned upon to ‘bump’, ‘resurrect’, ‘necropost’, etc., that is to post in a thread that has been idle for a reasonably long time. On many forums this is a bannable ...
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How can I introduce topic based subforums to my site without splitting up the traffic too much?

It is a decision I am facing and that I struggle with: How can I split up the community into different subcommunities like reddit. Currently users post on the main site. Everyone was fine with that, ...
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2 answers

What is the purpose of anonymous greetings in a forum?

I'm moderator in a very small forum. It has areas for many different IT-related topics (in German), and several sub-forums (in English) that serve as support areas for various open source libraries. ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How to pick good moderators for forums and discussion boards?

I've been on a few forums as a user and more recently I've been an active member of several SE sites, and I have a pretty good idea of how SE picks and appoints moderators, but I don't know how forums ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Facebook Forums vs Question and Answer Websites | Pros and Cons

I manage a community that provide our participants with information about how to settle in a new country mainly offline. Outside there are a lot of Facebook groups that are intended to the same ...
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Why use mailing lists instead of forums?

Why are mailing lists used when there are forums? I have had to follow and interact with two mailing lists more closely. Both are technical and people with specialized skills are found on these lists....
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Are there any bad side effects of having a Dislike or Downvote button on a forum-based community? [duplicate]

We are still developing our forum community, and we're going to be having a "like button" where users can like a post or replies that they find interesting or like a post from a reputable or ...
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8 votes
1 answer

What are best practices for creating engaging experience in a forum-based community?

So, I'm building a science and tech forum website and I need recommendations on how to make the experience for the members more engaging so that more of the membership will return, and become more ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Small web page with news and files

I'm a part of a band, and it happens, that I'm most tech advanced guy of all. We have troubles organizing our notes and we somehow solved them, using Google drive. Now we have some concerts and we ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Astro Turfing to help jump start a community

As we all know building a community is hard especially when it's new. I've heard and been told by other website/community mods that Astro Turfing is commonly done by many to help build and encourage ...
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2 answers

What is the expiration date for featured content?

Community leaders often draw attention to some content—announcements, important discussion topics, etc.—by giving it some degree of extra visibility beyond what is normal for content shared within the ...
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Forum war because of a new rule and a banned user

A famous forum user (A) got banned because of hating and well, sort of, cyberbullying by another user that reported him (B). A's friends started a thread about how unfair it is and supported his ...
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3 answers

How do you choose the software that runs your community?

How does one determine the appropriate software to utilize for a new community? I'm starting a new community and know that I want a place to put blog entries and a place for users to chat about things....
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1 answer

Migrating to Reddit from forum

My time, as a community leader, is limited. I've found that spending time managing the infrastructure of my community has become to time consuming - updates to forum software, plugins, templates, spam ...
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20 votes
3 answers

Do badges (gamification) produce positive results in a professional community?

The community manager of a large developer community recently mentioned to me that we now have the ability to roll out badges for achievements on the site. These sound similar to Stack Exchange's ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Managing and maintaining tagging infrastructure on a community board

Many forums have the ability to tag a post (often with multiple tags). This site does too, I see. What is the best way to prepopulate these tags? I know here users can add new ones after they get ...
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1 answer

What are some useful analytics based on comments/discussions?

Most of the sites use data analytics tools like Google analytics. Those analytic tools (the ones I know of) don't provide the analytics for the comments/discussions (I understand it needs to be built ...
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3 answers

what to do with proven moderator preference on supposed open-to-all political forum

At a site for home-based workers in a particular field, there are several forums, and one option is a forum to discuss politics. However, there is a group of 5 to 6 like-minded users who form a ...
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15 votes
4 answers

How to prevent "drive by" voting in my forum's contest?

I'm a moderator at a small phpBB forum and we recently held a writing contest. The winners to be decided by a standard phpBB poll. Our goal was to determine the best story, based on the judgement of ...
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3 answers

How to explain that you should use proper grammar?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it is an issue mostly on forums and other online places. What are some good arguments to use proper English? Some people just don't seem to ...
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4 answers

How should I handle a rude user on a very formal forum?

Let's say I've got a forum called A and a user called X. X is rude, so rude that he/she gets on my nerves. This user is also considered annoying by many other community members; it's not just me. But....
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2 answers

Why do forums discourage necro-bumping? [duplicate]

When I'm stuck on a Linux problem, the Wisdom of the Ancient Masters is normally buried in old dusty forum threads. This is great. However, I often see the thread terminated with a user coming along ...
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6 answers

How to handle a user reposting a deleted message?

Per our forum rules, profanity is deleted and, in extreme cases, the user receives warnings or cumulative infractions which then trigger repercussions for the account. Publicly discussing a moderator ...
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2 answers

How does a mailing list compare with a web forum in terms of user engagement and retention?

A discussion-oriented mailing list I am (was?)1 on has had a recurring discussion about moving to a web-based forum. Those who favor the move argue that content is easier to manage, presentation is ...
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