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How do I create a tag based community for our sdk and suite of softwares for our company?

We have our own set of SDKs. We want to build out our community over StackOverflow for the developers. What is the way to build such a community?
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Small web page with news and files

I'm a part of a band, and it happens, that I'm most tech advanced guy of all. We have troubles organizing our notes and we somehow solved them, using Google drive. Now we have some concerts and we ...
7 votes
2 answers

How can I bring a community around a wiki of a fictional world?

The community I'd like to create is based around a fictional encyclopedia, simply a wiki, powered by Wikidot. It's pretty close to what the SCP Foundation guys do, in the content, but rather in the ...
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How can I set up a system to encourages people to create content on a Wiki?

It was suggested that I move my original question over here. The basics is there's a side project at work to create a wiki to manage disorganized documentation and information. Essentially we want to ...
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How do we better enable dialogue between new and core users on a wiki?

I'm an admin on a meaningfully popular wiki that's been around a long time - We've a steady inflow of users and content, as well as a small, but loyal, core admin/userbase. Our wiki subject requires ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Terminology: “bureaucrats” have the utmost technical privilege but don't set policy?

On Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects, "bureaucrats" are community members that have the technical power to grant other users "administrator" and "bureaucrat" permissions. (They also ...
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11 votes
1 answer

How can I save a dying wiki, as its user?

I'm a semi-regular user of a game-related wiki, and I've noticed an extreme drop of activity after a sequel to the game came out. I hoped it was temporary occurrence, and we'd start to get users back ...
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3 answers

How to encourage forum users to use our wiki?

I am a moderator in a community about a game. We have both a forum and a wiki. Our forum has some very knowledgeable users who make great in-depth posts. However, I noticed the following phenomenons ...
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13 votes
3 answers

How to choose moderators for a wiki?

I am the founder and sole moderator of a wiki. On this site, users edit informative pages for the most part, but also sometimes engage in (non-real-time) discussion about those pages. There are also ...
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