A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 82
For questions primarily about user behavior, including reactions to moderator decisions and other actions they take within the community.
× 76
Users that disrupt the community through negligence or malicious activity can be regarded as problem users.
× 71
for questions relating to moderators, their selection, their training, and their interaction with users.
× 53
Questions about how to increase user base within the community
× 50
For questions related to building and managing communities with a small userbase or where the community is still in the process of being built.
× 46
Use this for questions about user interactions within the community.
× 42
Questions about how to handle conflicts between members of a community (users, moderators and other fractions within a community).
× 33
Users who have started participating in a community recently. Often these users are not aware of all community rules - both explicit and implied.
× 33
Questions about how to discipline community members.
× 32
for questions about sites that are a part of the Stack Exchange network
× 31
For questions primarily about the mechanisms for communications within a community, their use, and usefulness.
× 30
Communities that meet in a physical location as opposed to online (examples of these are sports teams, church committees, or clubs organized around a specific interest).
× 29
the process of keeping users involved in your community. Successful user retention starts at the first interaction with the community and continues through all future interactions.
× 28
The steps a community takes to gather, generate and present information relevant to the areas of interest in the community.
× 21
For questions about how to promote a community: advertising, recruiting members, keeping new members engaged, etc.
× 20
Questions related to the social network Facebook.
× 18
For questions primarily relating to chat rooms. Chat rooms are interactive channels used to communicate with other people or devices on the internet and are generally about a specific topic.
× 15
appropriate for questions dealing with communities on social networks. It is also appropriate to add more specific tags such as the exact social network being utilized.
× 12
Unwanted content, usually promoting a third-party product in unfavorable ways.
× 11
Topics related to legal issues, personal or corporate liability, or government regulatory compliance at a local, state or provincial, or national level.
× 10
a social content-aggregation website. Reddit is comprised of a loose network of "subreddits", which aggregates related content that is sorted by community voting.
× 9
× 9
Privacy refers to a techniques and technologies used to protect sensitive or personal data, communications, and preferences from other users, administrators and governments.
× 8
Questions related to mitigating backlash - negative reaction amongst members to events within the group.