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There are many ways you can decide on who becomes a moderator on your site(s). Wait until the site has been up and running for a while and see which users have been the most helpful around the place, doing things like showing new users the ropes, flagging up questionable content, editing (if that's allowed) etc. Then approach these people to see if they ...


On Stack Exchange we have found that in general (though not exclusively) users with throwaway e-mail addresses are not the sort of users you want on a serious, professional site. While there may be legitimate reasons for some people to use them, the vast majority of such users aren't interested in interacting with the community. There is also a very serious ...


Couple thoughts. Post a local ad asking for community volunteers to help with a cleanup. However, homework has to be done because you need to consider the safety of the volunteers as well as how to properly dispose of everything. I'd call the local waste management and see if they have any ideas.


Know your target audience. Meaning, use proper tools, community design, and interaction methods for the audience. For example, if it's going to be primarily used by English-speaking members (at least at this stage), be sure you focus on encouraging English as the primary language. Another example of a proper tool is if it will (or ends up leaning that way) ...


I'm not sure if you have a budget for an online community software, but it sounds like you might be at a point where you can start looking into them. In a previous role, I managed online user groups who periodically met face-to-face. We used the Higher Logic community platform (full disclosure, this is a former employer), which is able to do all that you ...


I would create a Form that Moderators can apply to :) You also could provide a little "Test" for the Mods to see if they are worth it :)

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