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How to deal with a stubborn person who thinks they are perfect?
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31 votes

Just because someone is older or more educated that doesn't mean they will be right, or know better that someone younger with less education. She probably sees things that way. Also sometimes people ...

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What (if anything) should be done about users who publicly threaten to leave the community?
9 votes

I think there are a couple of aspects to this issue: Morale Conduct Policies Morale In public sites, and other environments like this, Morale is of the upmost importance. More than any individual. ...

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How to convince a team member to appear and act objectively?
Accepted answer
7 votes

Your problem is rather complex and a bit specific, I will try to answer outlining general steps. These steps will seem cumbersome but are aimed to answer your question even if they stray away from it ...

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How to deal with an online griefer that I know in real life?
6 votes

I think it is rather simple. You like this game, you enjoy playing it with other people. Tell him that, if he values you as a friend, he will stop his behavior, if not just kick him. People sometimes ...

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How to sensitively discourage nationalism on a forum?
2 votes

I don't think is wrong to remove inflammatory text from a forum. The issue comes from editing the text out, because then you are in the grey area of what parts of the speech are inflamatory and what ...

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