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How can I tell if I should step down as a moderator?
1 votes

I would say that, a moderator would know when to step down in two cases: When the reasons and purposes for him being a moderator have disappeared When life has gotten to him/her In my second point, ...

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How should I deal with a moderator who shows favoritism?
Accepted answer
4 votes

If your a non-mod, you can take it to another moderator, or take it to the meta site if there is one, or contact the admins. Really the answer to many questions about moderator problems, is Advice. ...

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What should I do with a user pretending to be a moderator?
1 votes

Suspend him/her, for people can't follow a suspended moderator. You should also explain to the community the facts, but do so after suspending him so your speech carries more weight.

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How to deal with users that are overusing my community?
5 votes

I would say that you won't have to concern your self with this, as these people may have a good reason to be online all day Either they are doing what is known as homeschooling, and hence have more ...

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How should I handle law-abiding but low-quality users who frustrate other users?
0 votes

As for the first user or his likes, then there are some options: Help them out by editing to make their posts better If the post is very bad that english people cannot understand, then close their ...

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How can moderator fatigue be combated?
3 votes

A moderator should know his/her own limits, and stop there, if they don't then they should be told and reminded. Being a moderator is basically being a trash cleaner, you can sweep all day because it ...

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