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Handling user who is brilliant but disruptive

While the other answers are excellent, I would like to add another possible set of approaches. This answer is premised on the assumption that, if possible, you'd like to keep X as a contributor (...
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Handling user who is brilliant but disruptive

No Asshole Rule There is a very nice thing called "No Asshole Rule". It means that an asshole has two options: Stop being an asshole (which happens very rarely) Leave the community (or ...
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What are some strategies for spiteful users?

I use my real name online and am thus findable, too. I haven't received the levels of harassment that you're getting, but disgruntled users have hunted me down to be abusive a few times. My ...
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Handling user who is brilliant but disruptive

I don't know how you could specifically implement this in your community, but in the official website of an anime I was in, they handle users like that but giving them some sort of privilege which ...
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Why is the League of Legends community so toxic?

Try to keep statistics in perspective. If you play 2 games you have had on your team 9 different people and 10 other people on the other team. Just with pure numbers if you have 1 truly bad behaved ...
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