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For questions relating to moderating oneself in a community.

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When and how can an Internet community survive on its own, with little to no moderation intervention?

I remember such situation in an online multiplayer game. The game had servers associated with different sites providing login. Of course, the largest server was the one associated with Facebook. But ...
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Aside from moderation, what can I do to keep my online community as polite as possible?

I'm starting a new online community from scratch and I want to keep it professional and polite. What 'tips & trick' would you suggest to minimise the risk of it turning into a 'troll-cave'. ...
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Is the idea of crowd-sourcing moderation duties a reason to prevent automated processes from helping?

There was a discussion yesterday on Stack Exchange that ended with the following: [I]sn't the point of crowd sourcing to get humans doing things? Inviting AIs (or facsimiles thereof) to do the job ...
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Does a monkey-see-monkey-do approach work with self-moderation?

In the context of a Stack Exchange site (or any site with self moderation), is it OK for a very small number of users (1-3) to do most of the work to keep the site clean? Small communities sometimes ...
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How can moderator fatigue be combated?

In high-traffic sites, moderator fatigue can become a problem. That is to say, after reviewing and dealing with dozens or even hundreds of issues a day, the amount of care and attention given to each ...
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How should we deal with moderators who are making bad calls? [closed]

If you have a moderator who keeps making bad calls, such as by banning people who shouldn't be banned, what is the best way to deal with them? Should you remove them from their positions, talk to ...
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How do you moderate the moderators?

How can you have a self regulating group of moderators in a community? Moderators regulate the community, but there is not an official way to moderate the moderators themselves. Here in Stack ...
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